Chomnyogh Women Self Help Group

This is our new Group in our fold launched on 28th October 2021 operating in Kapenguria, West Pokot County. The group’s name means love in their local dialect. The Group has ten (15) active members.


The Group is led by Salome Chesitoyi and Bernadette Lorema as Regional Representatives together with the leadership team. 

Table Banking

The Group has started its table banking and currently has a total of Kshs. 30, 000 in circulation.

Merry Go Round

The members have started visiting each member’s home as way of bonding and knowing each other. During this home visits, they are able to make some contribution of Kshs.200 to support the member being visited.

Sweety Fund

The members have been visiting each member’s home to support each other. Each member has a partner named “sweety” During these home visits, the members contribute Kshs.500 each, and the partner (sweety) makes an additional contribution of at least Kshs.2500 or items of a similar amount to support the member being visited.