Matungu Fistula Survivors of Hope

The Matungu Group was registered in August 2017 and operates in Matungu constituency, Mumias Sub County of Kakamega County. The Group currently has a total of twenty three (23) active members spread across the area of operation.

The Group is overseen by Rosalina Ambayisi and Salma Sumba as the Regional Representatives, with the support of the Group leaders including the chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

The Group has the highest number of fistula survivors and has continued to work hard to ensure their lives are improved. They have managed to help two of their members to construct decent houses after their houses got destroyed .

Goat Rearing

The Group used their seed fund from LEFI to buy some of the members’ goats and put in place a plan where those who did not get were to be given by those whose goats got a kid until all members got a goat. They have managed to get each member a goat with others having more than one. There currently have 40 Goats.

Dairy Farming

The members currently have a total of 6 cows which is in line with helping members become financially self-sufficient.

Table Banking

The Group has managed to accumulate a total of Kshs. 69,755 which is circulating among members in form of short term loans.


to support members who may be bereaved and it currently have a total of Kshs. 15,250.

Merry Go Round

This Group visits members’ houses in turn as part of the bonding process as well as to financially support them with members making small contributions for the member being visited.


To promote thrift, the group has accumulated a total of Kshs. 55,400. This is a project geared towards group sustainability. A further sum of Kshs. 107,920 is held in the bank that is available for loans to members.

Individual Activities

• Poultry Keeping - Each individual is engaged in chicken rearing.
• Small Scale Businesses – Members of the Group engage in businesses to supplement their income and also contribute to the Group projects.