Neema Solidarity Self Help Group

Neema Solidarity Group was registered in August 2017 in Kwanza Sub County of Trans Nzoia County where they legally operate as a Self Help Group.

The Group is overseen by Evans Ngure as the Regional Representative and activities run by the chairperson, secretary and the treasurer. Evans was married to fistula survivor and actively participated in the process of looking for women with fistula, thereafter being appointed to run the Group.

The Group has fourteen (14) active members whose have a lot of zeal to support each other and reach out to other in the community with information on fistula.  

Cattle & Sheep Rearing

The Group used their seed fund from LEFI to buy members goats and they currently have a total of 17 sheep and 6 cows

Table Banking

The Group continues to use this to loan members small amounts to support them in their IGAs and family affairs. The group currently has Ksh.40,000 cash in circulation.


Each member contributes Kshs. 200 whenever there is an issue affecting a member under this welfare scheme.


The Group has managed to save a total of Kshs. 50000 and continues to encourage the members to embrace the saving culture.

Merry Go Round

The is involved in a merry-go-round that involves contributing Kshs. 100 per week.

Individual Member Activities

• Business – The Group members are engage in the business of selling maize and vegetables.
• Small scale farming – Majority of the members engage in farming on a small scale to support their families as well as the Group activities.