Solidarity Help Group (Vihiga)

The Group was registered in July 2017 and operates in Hamisi Sub County of Vihiga County, serving the entire County. 

The Group has fourteen (14) active members with Nancy Shitanda,  Joyce Dunguya and Julia Kanyisa serving as Regional Representatives. The Group Leadership includes a chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

The Group has been able to support the women in enhancing their productivity and members have improved their livelihoods and the communities.

Table Banking

The Group has managed to raise a total of Kshs. 138,500 and this is used to advance loans to members to assist them in their IGAs.


The Group has accumulated a total of Kshs. 25,000 that held in the Group bank account as a way to promote the saving cultura among the members.

Goat & Poultry Rearing

They managed to use their seed fund from LEFI to buy goats and currently have 13 goats. These projects continue to help the Group thrive.

Merry go round

The group also conducts a Merry Go Round amongst the members where each member contributes Kshs. 200 per meeting and have managed to buy kitchen stuff.


The Group hopes to organize fundraising after the pandemic, and invite the Women Rep and MCA of Vihiga County to raise money to boost their projects.

Individual Member Activities

• Business Activities – The Group members are engage in the business of selling fish and groceries.
• Small scale farming – Majority of the members engage in farming on a small scale to support their families as well as the Group activities.