End Fistula Women Group (Butula)

This Group operates and is formally registered in Butula Sub County of Busia County in September 2017. It has fourteen (14) active members with Angeline Achieng and Ann Ongaya the Regional Representatives at the forefront managing the group together with the Group chairperson, secretary and treasurer

Table Banking

The group has managed to accumulate a total of Kshs. 63,670 that is in circulation as loans to members to assist them in their IGAs


The Group has a total of Kshs. 23,000 in the bank account as a way of promoting the members saving culture.

Merry go round

The members have developed a model where they contribute some cash and visit each member with household ítems as way of promoting togetherness and cohesion amongst the members.


The Group used their seed fund from LEFI to buy members 14 goats, and 5 sheep. This was part of the efforts to uplift members’ standards of living and increase their income.

Individual Member Activities

The members of the Group also engage in individual IGAs to support their families and also be able to raise money for their contributions.