Cheptais Solidarity Women Group

Cheptais Group operates in Bungoma County serving the women in the Mt. Elgon region where a lot of women suffered following violence and atrocities committed by the Sabaot Land Defence Force, a guerrilla militia criminal gang that terrorized the region from year 2005 through rape, torture and property destruction.

Formed in and registered in November 2017, the Group has made tremendous progress and has been a pacesetter in its group and individual activities.

The Group currently has twenty three (23) active members who participate in the various Group projects.  Some of the members come from the neighbouring County, Uganda.

The Group is led by Florence Chemomenyu, the Regional Representative and the Group leadership consisting of the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Table Banking

This has remained the most successful with a total of Kshs. 581,000 currently in circulation.


The Group has a welfare kitty to cater for the members needs in the event of occurrence of unfortunate events like bereavement


To promote thrift among members, the savings projects is ongoing and has currently accumulated a total of Kshs. 27,000

Dairy Farming

The members currently have a total of 48 cows which is in line with helping members become financially self-sufficient.

Goat Rearing

The Group has managed to have 99 goats which continue to birth others and increase the ability of the members to have more income streams.

Individual IGAS

In addition, the members have individual IGAs which involve:

The women are engaged in small-scale farming where they cultivate beans and onions for sale.
• Small businesses including market stalls for groceries and retail shops.