Bungoma Fistula Survivors Women Group

The Group was formed and registered in August 2017 and currently has seventeen (17) active members. It operates within the larger Bungoma County covering various sub-counties including Kanduyi, Bumula, Sirisia, Webuye East & West and Kabuchai.


The Group is managed by Jentrix Makhanu, the RR and led by the Group Leadership Team of the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. (Group Photo herein attached)

Table Banking

The Group continues to use this as a platform to help the survivors’ access short term loans to support their IGAs.


The Group has accumulated over Kshs. 40,000 in the Group Bank account as part of promoting members’ saving habits.

Goats Rearing

The Group bought two of the members a goat each. After each goat gives birth, another member is given the kid/billy and the process will continue until all the women have a goat each.

Individual IGAS

Most of the members engage in small scale farming and businesses as well as poultry keeping at a personal level. This activities help to support the table banking and other contributions.