CADISAHANO Solidarity Self Help Group

The CADISAHANO Group is registered and operates within Kakamega East Sub-County in Kakamega County. The formal registration was completed in April 2018.

The Group’s unique name was coined from the initials of the very kind women who supported the survivors in the process of getting reconstructive fistula repair, that is, Caroline, Diane, Sarah, Habiba and Norah.  

CADISAHANO Group is overseen by a fistula survivor and her husband as Regional Representatives; Jane Baraza and John Baraza. Their story is an interesting and intriguing read (Featured in our social media platforms). The other Group leaders include the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Group currently has sixteen (16) active members and has managed to have great rapport with the surrounding communities including churches, schools and government institutions. 

Fireless Baskets

The Group members are able to make these baskets which they sell in the local market as well as to people visiting as an income generating activity.

Table Banking

The Group has managed to accumulate Kshs. 37,250 which is circulating among members in form of short term loans to boost their businesses and farming activities.


The Group has 3 acres leased land of sugarcane whose production has been encouraging and there are plans to lease 2 acres more.

Merry Go Round

The members of the Group visit each other’s homes as part of the social reintegration support and to also encourage each other morally.


The Group has saved a total of Kshs. 172,000 as part of their efforts to promote thrift among the members and cushion the Group in future.

Individual Member Activities

Members also carry out their own poultry farming as well as other small scale businesses and farming.