Masaba Fistula Self Help Group

Masaba Fistula Survivors Women Group was launched on 12th November 2021 to scale out of LEFI to restore the lives of Fistula Survivors and to empower them both socially and economically. The group was started by one of our Regional Representative Teresa Adamba and has 18 active members at the moment.

The Group is overseen by our very versatile Regional Representative Teresa Adamba, together with the Group leaders including the chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

Merry Go Round

Being a new Solidarity Group the members have not yet introduced many activities. They have a merry go round among themselves where every member contributes Kshs. 100 every sitting twice a month that is handed to one member.

Individual Member Activities

The members are involved in different activities including chicken rearing, vegetable farming and maize farming, beans farming, groundnuts, and millet farming.