Khwisero One by One Women Group

The Khwisero Solidarity Group was registered in August 2017 and operates in Khwisero Sub County of Kakamega County in Western Kenya.

The Group has twelve (12) active members and is managed by Joseph Amani, Beatrice Mukoya and Florence Wanyonyi as Regional Representatives and the group leadership.  The members have managed to continue engaging in various projects both at the group and individual level

Cattle rearing

The Group has one hybrid cow currently taken care of by Beatrice Mukoya.

Goat Rearing

Most of the members have goats (18 goats) which continue to breed. The goats were purchased using the seed fund provided by LEFI during the group formation.

Table Banking

Members participate in table banking and a total of Kshs. 67,000 is currently circulating as loans.


kitty has been put in place to help members in times of need. The group has accumulated a total of Kshs. 6,000


To encourage the members to embrace the saving culture, the Group has accumulated a total of Kshs. 18,000 as they even aim higher.


The members visit each member’s home as a way of bonding and knowing each other. During these home visits, they are able to make some contribution to support the member being visited. This currently stands at Kshs. 6,000 every month given to the host on each turn.